Thank You!

Hi. Thank you for visiting our site. We are humbled by just the mere fact that you have taken the time to want to know us better. It seems like less and less people say thank you these days and because of that we wanted to start our About Us page off that way because we are thank you sort of people. We hope you enjoy getting to know us a little better. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way. Yes, we say please too!

Our Diatribe

Maybe diatribe is too strong of a word. It is maybe more of a small annoyance. You see, we are not huge fans of the About Us page. What is normally on this page are skill ratings, team photos, educational background, technical jargon and a host of other things that people or businesses use to show you that they are smart and qualified. We have a problem with this. While we think it is great to be smart and qualified, we find it difficult to translate that to being able to help you or your business reach goals. There are many smart people out there with numerous degrees and plaques on the wall but have difficulties connecting with people and understanding the things that matter most.

The other problem is this, how do you know that anything said on an About Us page is even true? When is the last time you did a background check on all the things said on a website? That is why even today with all the fancy gadgets and information, word of mouth is still one of the best, if not the best way to get business. Instead of an about us page, we would prefer to have people do a “Who We’ve Helped” or “Our Story” page. Why? Because we think it is more valuable to show who businesses and people have connected with or helped vs shouting how great they are from the roof top. Who determines how great or bad you are? Isn’t it the perception of other people? Why not let people see that?

What Is Important?

As we have said, we are a different kind of company. We are going to spare you all of that jargon because let’s face it, you want results. You want to know if we really can make you or your business better by increasing sales, views or whatever metric you use to measure success. Because if we can do that, it won’t matter how much experience we have or don’t have or what words we know or don’t know. No, what matters or what should matter most is that we can better you or your business and we have the results to show it. However, if you want to know our process we will be more than happy to share it with you just not on this site.

So what will we put here? Simple, what is most important…the end results of our work. Happy customers who have been able to accomplish their goals by working with us. When you talk with us we invite you to go to call our customers and look at our ratings. Read the customer reviews and see how we have made a difference. Now is all our work a life changing or business changing experience, nope. Sometimes businesses and people just want a website and nothing more, so that is what we provide. Sometimes they just want help with one aspect of their business and that is fine too. We are here to help where we can.

We are committed to your happiness. So our guarantee is that we will do all that we agree upon and perhaps a little more to help you or your business meet the goals you are looking to accomplish. But we will need a guarantee from you as well. Partnerships are never one sided, so we will need your help in developing the goals and plans that are going to be right for you or your business. Can you do that for us? If you can, please contact us today to begin our partnership together.